Starting with the year 2016, Smart Diesel offers you for the first time in Romania the possibility to pay the HU-GO road tax in a much simpler and more advantageous way. The tax can be paid both through tickets, which you can buy from SD stations, as well as with OBU or by SD card payment.

The clients who already own an OBU from a different supplier can load with a SD card. If you are SD clients and own OBU taxation devices, you will not be compelled to purchase another device, but will be allotted the existing device at the SD contract. You can request/ buy OBU only by filling in the new road taxes form beforehand, following that the new devices will be compulsorily sent to the client’s premises, being handed over on the basis of a handing-reception minutes and the list of authorized services for their setting.

Once you are in the possession of the OBU, you must schedule in one of our authorized services and must let us know the date of your appointment and the due service. The setting of the devices will be done in authorized services. The list with these services will be sent at the moment of the delivery of devices.